Because I’ve posted daily for almost two years, this two weeks leave of absence has brought questions.  In the past, I’ve either written and scheduled posts ahead of a break time or I’ve accessed the Internet while on a trip.  Because of the hectic Christmas schedule and my ongoing computer problems, neither of these was possible.  However, I’m back with a question. 

We have three small children (ages 5 to 8) who are asking to attend Special Gathering in Melbourne.  I’ve said yes to the parents.  However, I need advice.  What do you think would be the best approach?  This week we had one child (eight years old).  He attended with his parents for the worship service and then he went into the children’s church with our host church.  They do a lot of play with their Bible study. 

He enjoyed the worship and really liked being with the other children.  His parents plan on attending another week then they will go to their own church about one block away.   What do you think?  Should we continue with our current plan or attempt to set up a Bible study class for children?