Joseph Obey God

Matthew 7:14-27

Central Theme:  Obeying God may make you a trouble maker

I love Jelly Bellies.  There is a method in how you are to eat Jelly Bellies. Every Jelly Belly cunosure knows the method.  But I have found that they are not my friend.  I need to stay away from them and not eat them.  I need to have a smaller tummy.  I can chose to eat Jelly Bellies or I can chose to not eat them.  Obeying God is the same.  Read Psalm 119:44. 

       I.     History is fill of stories about people who chose to obey God rather than obey other men or even their own desires. 

              A. They were usually considered trouble makers.  (Read Matt 7:14-27)

          B. Tell of Joseph and Potipher‘s wife.

              1.  Joseph made trouble for himself

              2.  He was a trouble maker but he decided to do what was right no matter how much trouble he got into.

      II.     Why do people choose to be trouble maker by obeying God?

              A. The rewards come from God and they are wonderful. 

              B. What happens in the end makes the bad things seem like small potatoes. 

              C. God gives us the ability to overcome.

                   1.  Mark had a red phone on his desk so he could call the Pres in Korea.

                   2.  God gives us prayer so we can reach him anytime night or day.

              D. We are able to develop a vital relationship with the Lord.

                   1.  We become friends with God.

     III.     Making trouble for ourselves to do what is right will always pay us with good in our lives.

              1.  It is sin that does not pay off for us.

                   A. Tell about sleeping and how it feels so good–so right

                    B. But that leads to death.

Conclusions:  As much as I love jelly bellies, I love living more.  Therefore, I will not eat them and live longer.  Making trouble for yourself to do God’s will always pays off for us.