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That’s right, we will have Delmarva for another four years.  Out of the three company’s that have been in the running,  once more Delmarva is the company that has won the contract for Florida’s Statewide Quality Assurance Program.

MedWaiver Providers said he has talked to so many Waiver Support Coordinators, Providers and Families over the years and when ever the name  DELMARVA comes up people always seem to get just a bit  frustrated and upset. Why is that?              
  We have to have some type of group that works like a watchdog to make sure all care givers do there job right and  people are safe. What are your suggestions on how Delmarva can have a better relationship with Support Coordinators, providers and families?

Did you know that Support Coordinators & Providers are rated by Delmarva just like hotels are rated by Delmarva uses a star rating of one to four to rate providers.           What do you think about the way this is done?    

Provider Support Level  

A Provider Support Level is given to providers who participate in a CORE, WiSCC,.The Support Level tells you how well the provider helps people achieve goals and other  
dreams that matter most to them.   

    Achieving **** is the highest level and Not Emerging * is  
                                    the lowest level.  

                Achieving **** Implementing *** Emerging ** Not Emerging *  are the levels used.

               If you are a provider and Delmarva is going to see you soon  you might want to take a look and some of their information. Delmarva provider information.