It seems that time can be a relative thing in Internet Land.  A few days before Christmas and between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I wasn’t able to blog.  However, the hits on this blog didn’t go down.  Except for Christmas Day, people were still searching for answers and asking questions about the mentally challenged community.  The number of hits this blog received didn’t go down.  Christmas Eve was one of the busiest days this blog has experienced. 

A busy person seeking to make the most of her time will react one of two ways.  Either I can rest on my laurels and take a break from the worry of “Is there something relavant I’ve learned from the Lord that I can share today?”  In deed, it appears that taking a break is an option. 

 Or I can endeavor even more earnestly to hear from God during my daily adventures within the mentally challenged community to find teachable moments.  You see, I learned and  know that several hundred people are out there needing to hear a word of wisdom and grace.  Parents struggle.  Teachers pray earnestly and need teaching guides.  Professionals shed their cloaks of indifference to search Christ-like answers to real-life concerns. 

Thanks for your faithfulness and dedication to the Special Gathering Weblog.  It’s amazing to know that even thought I often feel as though I’m shouting to the wind, people are here, reading and responding.  Happy New Year!