God Gives His Obedient People a Great Gift of Understanding

Proverbs 8:33

Central Theme:  Obedience means that God will give us wisdom and understanding.

Introduction–I am one of the wealthiest people in the world.  Show checkbook.  Not in my checking account or in my wallet.  My wealth is not in money.  My wealth comes from the Bible and the church.

                    Have a member read Proverbs 8:33.

       I.     Tell how Joseph was in prison but wherever he went he was blessed by God.

              A. In prison, he was the favorite of the head jailer.

              B. One day, the king, Pharaoh, had a dream.

          C. God helped Joseph to understand the dream and he became the prime minister–like the President of the country.

      II.     Understanding things make us people of power and trust.

              A. This is not knowing things about people.

              B. It is like wisdom–it is a gift that God gives to everyone.

              C. It is like when you know something about a situation that you should not know.

     III.     What does understanding do for us.

              A. Helps us with everyday problems

                   1. I had a squeaky van–my friend, Sam had the answer for me.

                   2. Sam is able to solve problems because God gives him answers.

              B. Understanding helps us in times of trouble.

                   1. I know of a family in SG who gave away everything they had to build a house to a family in need.  They are now able to begin building their house.

                   2. God’s understanding makes us people who know that is important in life–I don’t have to own every pretty thing to enjoy it

Conclusion      God understand and wisdom are better than being rich in money and stuff.