Solomon warned at the end of Ecclesiastes that we need to be careful about what we study.  He said, ” People are always writing books, and too much study will make you very tired.”  Another translation says that there is no end to the number of books that you can read. 

Paul additionally warned Timothy that there is a danger in some knowledge (I Tim 6:3-5).  There is knowledge that puffs up.  This is the kind of knowledge that makes us vain and unpleasant people to be around.  We all know those kinds of folks.

My children once told me that I had a song for every occasion.  I took that as a compliment.  Later, a friend said that I had a “story for every occasion.  No matter what I say, you will be able to top it with an anecdote that you have read or from your own life.”  I did not take that as a compliment.  I understood that she was giving me some sensible and needed correction.

I think one of the things that makes our members endearing to people who visit or who have a casual relationship with them is the fact that they almost never have an “I can top that” attitude.   Delores listens politely to the flow of conversation that buzzes around her when her family is gathered.  Unless she is engaged in a one-to-one conversation, she seldom tries to interrupt to interject her thoughts and ideas.  This is endearing to those of us who always have another wise-crack or enlightening suggestion that must to be push into the minds and hearts of our family and friends. 

However, Solomon had said, “Wise words are like sharp sticks people use to make their animals go the right way.  Those teachings are like strong pegs that won’t break.  You can trust those teachings to show you the right way to live.  Those teachings all come from the same Shepherd (God).  So Son, study those teachings”  (Ecc 12:11 and 12).

Most of us want to know the right way to live.  We all desire to make wise and prudent decisions.  Not all knowledge is good.  Yet, the wise teachings from the Scriptures and godly adviser will guide, teach and give correction.