Because almost everyone is much too busy to check their computer for new updates on this blog,  I’ve not been too concerned about having trouble with my computer.  Over the months it has been doing some pretty interesting things.  However, I learned to NOT turn it off and it seemed to operate slowly but with the grace of an old sted my grandpa owned named Prince.

My computer Prince was dying.  When I could not longer trick it into starting, I called my good friend, Sam.  He dropped all his commitments and came to help me and Prince.  We had a wonderful time with his family over a supper of pasta.  Then he worked for hours.  His diagnosis for Prince was that I would lose it in a couple of days unless major surgery was done.  We (he) replaced the hard drive and the ram.  Now it’s running like a charm and the renovation only cost me $150.   I have 1 tarabyte of memory and 1 gb of ram. 

Can we ever replace good friends and family?  As we run around getting gifts and groceries for the perfect dinner and Christmas day, keep remembering the Sams who give up their time and bring their families to share and repair.  Thank you to all the folks who sacrifice to help me and my family.  We are blessed.