We Can Never Move Away from God

Genesis 28:15

Central Theme:  We can never move away from God‘s love.

Introduction–Show the Hubble telescope book and talk about the pictures from outer space.  We all travel now very quickly.  I can go to SC in 6 hours.  But it has not always been that way.  Not so long ago it took weeks to go that far.  We are beginning a study about the life of Joseph.  We begin with his going on a long journey–away from his family.

       I.     Have a member Read Genesis 28:15.

              A. Tell the story of the Joseph and his brothers who hated him.

              B. They sold him into slavery and he was taken to Egypt.

              C. He had been his father‘s favorite son and now he was a slave.

           II.     God did not ever leave him–even in Egypt when he was a slave.

                   A. God used him to help the nation of Israel to survive during a famine.

                   B. We can know that God will be with us.

                        1.  The Bible tells us. 

                        A. Ex–A woman who moved to Melb and her husband got cancer.  This was bad but she got saved and that was really good.

              2.  We have examples of actual people–Joseph, Moses, Paul, David, Ruth and many others.

              3.  We have the Holy Spirit with us as Jesus promised.

              4.  God has told us that he has a plan for our lives.

     III.     God went with Joseph and had a plan for him

              A. He will show you the plan for  your life.

Conclusion–God will not leave you not matter how far you travel.