About 15 years ago, I realized that I had lost much of my balance.  It is perhaps a chronic inner ear thing.  However, wanting to increase my balance I began exercising everyday.  From the beginning, I hated it.  There was no joy or delight in getting up each morning an hour earlier than my normal routine and “sweating to the oldies” or the newbies.  Christian music didn’t adjust my rotten attitude.

However, over the months and years, I found that something began to happen to me.  I was able to maneuver better.  That chronic pain in my neck was gone, if I worked it each morning.  Fortunately, the idiots on the TV who conducted my exercise program through their daily torture sessions were consistent to insure that I rotated and moved my neck appropriately. 

One morning I missed my exercising and I truly missed it.  Over the years, I continued my program.  There are weeks that I take off when I’m on vacation or have a house full of guests.  Yet, I’ve remain consistent because of the benefits that I’ve seen in my flexibility and overall well-being.

In Paul’s first letter to Timothy, he tells him that bodily exercise is good.  No.  Paul doesn’t overplay the importance but he does say that it’s beneficial. 

Several years ago, my husband and I were at his physical therapist’s office.  There was a woman there who could do amazing things with her body.  She was the most flexible person I had ever met.  She maneuvered the mats with such agility and grace.  Both my husband and I sat and watched her in amazement.  As she dismounted the mat, I remarked to my husband, Frank, “It is remarkable what she can do for a person who is paralyzed from the waist down.”

“She isn’t paralyzed,”  he said in an almost mocking tone.

“Yes, she is,” I confirmed pointing to her as she reached for her wheel chair and positioned her legs to be able to sit in the chair.

I’ve seen many people with disabilities who sit and let their bodies become temples of lethargy and misuse.  While I know there are many people out there, she was the first paralyzed older person I’d seen who seemed to fully understand how important movement and stress is to keeping her overall well-being.

Within the time parameters and restrains we have in our Christian programs, it is good to occasionally underscore that our bodies are the temple of God’s Holy Spirit.