Today, I’m cooking and eating a great Thanksgiving feast.  Our son, Mark, is here from Hawaii.  He is celebrating the publication of his book, Sea Turtles A-Z.  He was the illustrator. Mara Hixon was the author/publisher.  It is a bitter/sweet time because none of my grandchildren are here and I’m not at their home. 

However, we’ll been able to share our meal with five of The Special Gathering members who weren’t able to join their families for the day.  Some of them have outlived their parents and siblings.  With others, family is not living in town.   

Paul tells Timothy in I Timothy 3: 2 that Christian leadership should be “ready to welcome guests.”   It is, in fact, a great honor to host grateful and gracious people, such as folks within the mentally challenged community. 

I thank God for our nation and for all the blessings He has flourished on the Howard family. 

A few days ago, I read a sign that said, “If you can’t think of anything to be thankful for.  Feel your pulse.”

Happy Thanksgiving!