We must tell about Jesus

Acts 5:20 and 21

Central Theme:  Each of us should tell other people about God’s new life.

Introduction–I collect rocks.  I have rocks from around the world. I love my rocks.  The only problem is that I didn’t label them so I don’t remember where my rocks came from.  China?  Hawaii?  Spain?  SC?  VA? Illinois?  I can show people my rocks but I can’t tell people about my rocks because I don’t know what I should know about the rocks from all over the world.  Sometimes our relationship with Jesus is like that.  We know we are Christians but we can’t share with others because we are afraid that we don’t know enough.   Have a member read Act 3:20 and 21. 

       I.     The apostles had a different problem with telling people about Jesus.

              A. They were in jail.

          B. An angel came and let them out and told them something very important.

              C. They were arrested again but this time they were warned.

              D. They told the government officials that they had to obey God rather than men.

      II.     There is a story that must be told to the world.  It is a simple story that any one can tell.

              A. Jesus loves you and Jesus died for you. 

                   1.  Jesus has changed my life

              B. I think the problem is that most of us don’t really want Jesus to change our lives.

                   1.  We want fire insurance.

                        A. We don’t want to go to hell.

                   2.  These men and women in Acts were on fire for Jesus.

                        A. They did not care what other people thought or said.

                        B. They did not care how badly they were hurt.

              3.  Jesus had done something in their lives and they wanted everyone to know.

     III.     We need to ask God to really do something in our lives–to change us.

              A. Because you are disabled, you can have a great impact on people‘s lives.

              B. A mother within the disability community told me about a friend of her’s who died.  This woman had a severe disability.  At her funeral, this mother realized that we can help to change the world by living a life that tells others about Jesus and by telling people that we are different because we love Him.

Conclusions:  We are to share the good news with others.