Richard Stimson has come up with a list of questions he developed that which he believes effect how people evaluate worship.  These questions will be the jumping in place for the Special Gathering Retreat held on Friday, October 30 and Saturday October 31.  Here are the questions.  Perhaps you have others that you believe should also be considered.  In fact, feel free to hop into the wrestling match.

  1. What do we/I like?
  2. What is educationally sound?
  3. What is theologically correct?
  4. What is meaningful to those attending?
  5. What does God likes?
  6. Disability Sensibilities?
  7. Good enough for retarded people?
  8. Does it empower mentally challenged persons?
  9. Is it being well done?
  10. Being mystical?
  11. Other  

Stimson says that he has not been original in what he is doing.  He took work by Dr. Harold Westing for Denver Seminary and applied it to what Special Gathering does, hoping this will stimulate conversation and reflection regarding effective worship within the mentally challenged community.