Pam is a member of our Vero program.  She is in the hospital with viral pneumonia, in critical care.  She is also in semi-isolation.  She cannot confirm because she doesn’t know if she has swine flu and the hospital staff cannot tell me.  Pam has no family in the area. 

As you probably know, it is not the flu that is life threatening but the viral pneumonia that takes lives.  Pam is having an operation to drain the fluid from her lungs.  Please pray for Pam. 

She is an active member and a faithfully attends our choir.  Pam is one of our higher functioning members.  In addition, she is a member of a local Lutheran church.  Several of the church members who were friends of her mother’s before she died have adopted her.  They take her places and see to her personal care needs.  One of our more quirky members, Pam is delightful to have around.  Of course, she can also make everyone miserable with her idiosyncratic mannerisms.

Pam’s gifting is in the area of evangelism.  Each Christmas Pam has a row or two of people that she has urged to attend our Special Gathering Play.  And they come.  She is able to gather people around her in a positive way. 

Again, please pray for Pam.  She has great value to many people.