This is the content of a letter sent from APD signed by Jim DeBeaugrine, Director, to Family Care Council.  It’s a bit of a smooze job.  However, I thought would want to read this.   For some odd reason, it would not copy directly, therefore, I had to type it into the post.  If you would like to give your own very positive feedback, please respond by phone at 866 273 2273 or online at or wirte to Director Debeaugrine at 4030 Esplanade Way, Suite 380, Tallahassee, FL  32399 0950. 

October 19, 2009

Dear Family Care Council Members,

We have completed the last of our seven public meetings to share the news about APD’s new initiatives.  The feedback we received was very positive.  Consumers, families and providers especially appreciate the chance to ask questions, provide comments, and hear responses.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to speak directly with those we serve and those involved in making those services happen.  The family Care Councils’ involvement in helping to organize and publicize these meetings was key to their success and I am very grateful to you.

Agency staff is responding to the large number of questions asked at these meetings.  We will be posting these questions and resonses of general iterest on our website by early November.  Links will be e-mailed to you once they are posted.  However, we are responding individually to those questions which address personal situations.

Other feedback we received was taht attendees wanted more dtails about he initiative.s  As I mentionned during the meetings we are planning anouther round of events to share more information once the plan for individual budget (iBudget Florida) has been further developed.  We are tentatively planning those for January 2010.  In the meantime, we’ll be sharing information through out website.  Loook for more information on specific links in a future e-mail.

Again, thanks for your support of these recent meetings, and thanks for all you do to help those we serve,


Jim DeBeaugrine