The Church Worships God

II Chronicles 29:31

Central Theme:  The job of the Church is to worship God.

Introduction–Bring a watch that does not work.  Throw it away.  Bring a straw with a hole in it.  Throw it away.  I don‘t use things that don‘t work.  I am so glad that worship is such an effective tool that God has given to us, the Church.  Have a member read II Chronicles 29:31.

       I.     Tell the story of King Hezekiah. 

              A. He became king of Judah at 25.

              B. He restored the temple and made the preachers do the things they needed to do to serve God.

              C. He told the people to clean themselves up and come to worship God.

      II.     Worshiping with other Christians is a powerful tool.

              A. Show my new box of tools that have not been taken out of the box.

              B  Some of us sit in a worship service but we get no benefit from it.

              C. You don‘t sing or pray or give or listen.

              D. You love Special Gathering and you would not miss one Sunday coming but you get no benefit.

      III.     The Benefits you can get               

              A. Singing–you get to bless God because he blesses you. And singing is fun.

              B. Prayer you get to talk to God with others who are also talking to him.  He answers our prayers

              C. Giving–you get to put your money into the church and God multiplies it with the money of everyone else.  You cannot out give God.

              D. Listening and learning–you can learn about Jesus and he can help you with all your needs.

Conclusion  Worship is important and it is what the church does.