At Special Gathering there is an understanding of the workings of each denominational system and how their support is distributed.  This is a powerful tool in obtaining support from local churches.  People are surprised and happy to know that you care enough about their system to learn how their funding apparatus works.

Another thing we study and try to master are the expectations of different denominations.  As a gift, our executive director gave to me the book, How to Be a Perfect Stranger.  It is billed as “the essential religious etiquette handbook.”  It was the winner of the Best Reference Book of the Year award.   Edited by Stuart M. Matlins, this is a must have book if you are seeking funding across denominational lines. 

Matlins took information obtained directly from each of the religions and denomination.  This is an indispensable handbook on what to expect and what will be expected of you when you attend different worship services.   A paperback book, the cost is reasonable–$13.95 at–for this excellent reference volume.