I’m not sure that it was the right Sunday but this week some of our volunteers did a simple ceremony to thank me as their pastor.  I was really humbled by their throughtfulness. 

The whole thing started me thinking.  Do I do enough to show our Special Gathering volunteers how much I appreciate them and their service?   We do several things in Special Gathering of Indian River.  We have an Elder’s Appreciation Day the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  We give them gifts and pray for them.  We also have an annual retreat.  Both things are meant to bless and show our appreciation to the wonderful volunteers who faithfully serve year after year.  In our Brevard programs, which meet in Cocoa and Titusville, they have a monthly prayer time and fellowship supper at a local pizza joint.  Their volunteers find great value in this time of fellowship, prayer and fun.

All of this is good.  Yet, I could not help but wonder if we do enough to show our appreciation and love for the people who give and give and give.  We often say, “Our volunteers get to do whatever they want to do.”  In reality, they probably don’t REALLY WANT to give up hours in their week to transport, teach, serve, bake and do other “foot washing” assignments.  But they find value in their service and they come back year after year.

What are some of the things you do for your volunteers?  Do we as paid staff sometimes forget the service that our volunteers give so freely?  Do we sometimes expect from others more than we are willing to give of ourselves?