God protects Me

Psalm 46:1

Central Theme:   God knows when we are in danger.  He will help and protect us. 

Introduction–The night I broke my leg, I was surprised.  I did not know that I was going to break my leg.  The day that Frank broke his ankle, we were all surprised.  I sometimes wish that God would always let me know when I am in danger.  Sometimes, I know; most of the time, I don’t.  But God always knows when you are in danger and He protects you.  Have a member read Psalm 46:1.

       I.     Tell the story of Jesus in the boat with a great storm  (Mark 4:1-2, 35, 41).

              1.  His followers were terrified and they were fishermen.

             2.  Jesus was asleep on the boat.

             3.  Jesus wanted to know why they were afraid when he was on the boat.

      II.     Jesus calmed the storm and he can give us calm in our lives also.

              A. Jesus wanted to disciples to be calm in the middle of the storm.

                   1.  When they were not calm, he make the sea calm.

                   2.  Jesus wants us to learn that no danger can hurt us unless he allows it.

              B. When Jesus allows hurt to get to us, he will teach us many things.

     III.     How we can be calm in the middle of danger.

              A. Plan ahead to be calm and to trust God.

              B. Repeat verses that will remind you that God loves you.

              C. Ask God for help.

              D. Ask others for help.

Conclusion: Danger will happen to all of us but God wants to protect us.