In the past year and seven months, the daily entries for this weblog have survived storm, vacations, hospital visits, power outages, Internet interruptions, muscles pulled from ribs and the flu.  I’ve been to Hawaii (to visit our grandson), the Bahamas (with a group of mentally challenged members from South Carolina), Chicago, South Carolina, NYC, Virginia.  Through it all, I’ve not missed a day of blogs. 

But the back end of our kitchen renovation stopped me cold.  There seemed to be NO hours in the days of last week.  I woke up at 5am and went to bed at 2am each day.  But each day seemed to filled with a haze of complicated computer wires with no minutes or hours alloted to me to unravel them.  There were no chairs to sit and certainly no places to take a nap.  I wasn’t sleeping or resting, but I couldn’t seem to accomplish even the most minimal activities.  I moved from one spot to another, doing the needed, immediate tasks as I stepped over and ducked under the maze of acquired possessions; but things only seemed to pile up higher and higher.

Now, I have a perfectly wonderful and beautiful kitchen, family room, office/exercise room.  AND I’M BACK.  There is still a lot to do but I have seen a wisp of sunlight somewhere at the end of my tunnel of furniture, paintings and junk.  I feel like singing, “I will Survive!”

Of course, this has nothing to do with the Special Gathering ministry, except that God is still good, alive and working his goodness.  In this past week, we’ve gotten two new members, attended a missions conference, planned our annual teacher’s retreat, the choir has sung and we spent a day at EPCOT with 33 members from Vero Beach and about 22 members from Melbourne.  Our monthly newsletter and pastors letter went out in time. 

There are times in your week that it seems that you are merely a hamster running on that noisy wheel inside a cage.  However, look back.  You may find as I did that God wasn’t running with you but busily working in your behalf to accomplish his purposes in your life and the lives of your members.  Perhaps that’s one reason why God tells us to remember his goodnes.  We do serve a great God.