One of the Special Gathering volunteers looked at me yesterday and said jokingly, “Do you know how spoiled you are?”

I laughed and said, “Oh, yes.  I do know that I’m spoiled by the people with whom I work.”  There are ten people who are volunteers in our Melbourne program and four in our Vero program who make my life a great pleasure.  They work for our members and do things that I would otherwise have to do.  I can ask them to do any number of jobs and know with great assurance that the job will be done and done with great skill.  There is even a woman who isn’t a Special Gathering volunteer who bakes a wonderful loaf of bread for me each month.

Even more important, they understand the importance of taking the inititive and doing tasks on their own.  Sunday morning there were five of our ten volunteers absent.  However, there wasn’t even a hick-up in tasks that needed to be done.  Everyone doubled up and did their jobs without any concerns or complaints.

While October is Pastor’s Appreciation month, I live with appreciation every day.  Having a wonderful staff is one of the greatest blessings in our Special Gathering ministry.  I think there should be a Volunteer Appreciation Month for the great people who lead and help within the mentally challenged community.  Thank you for all you do.