From: Nikki Glynn []
 Subject: Funding for people with disabilities – money for conferences/workshops

 Good afternoon.

 I am the Marketing Director for Florida CARE. We were awarded grant money
 through Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. to assist people
 with disabilities and their families attend educational opportunities.
 There is still funding available!!!

 I would like to distribute the below information to deserving people and
 their families. Can you help me to get the word out?  Please distribute
 this to anyone who this might help.

 Thank you!

 Nikki Glynn

 People with developmental disabilities and their families are offered the
 opportunity to apply for financial assistance to attend conferences,
 workshops and other learning opportunities through a grant awarded to The
 Florida Center for Advocacy, Research and Education (Florida CARE) through
 the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc.

 This project will enable individuals with developmental disabilities and
 their families  to become better self-advocates and enhance their quality
 of life through improved knowledge of many aspects of the disability
 system.  In addition, this knowledge will facilitate their inclusion and
 participation in numerous planning and decision-making committees, forum
 and leadership in organizations in their communities.

 More than 35 people with disabilities and their families will enjoy this
 opportunity. These individuals will come from different demographic and
 targeted groups around Florida and will be selected through an application
 process.  Interested families should go to and
 complete an application for consideration.  There is also a calendar
 listing upcoming opportunities.

 Florida CARE passionately advocates for people with disabilities by
 providing corporations, school districts, groups and families with
 employment coaching, transitional skills, ADA compliance tips, diversity
 planning and outreach, disability awareness and hiring techniques.

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