In the past eight years, many things have changed in our country and in our individual lives.  Yet, some things haven’t changed within the disability community.  They are:

  • This is a population that is generally open to the gospel.  There is still a need for more people to answer the call into ministry to these wonderful people.
  • The disability community is still the most vulnerable group of people should there be a natural or man-made disaster.
  • Our members are extremely aware of the world around them.  They deserve to be given complete and full information. 
  • Gone should be the days of shielding our members from life’s unpleasant or hard events. 
  •  They deserve the dignity of as complete an explanation as possible, given their cognitive inabilities to decifier intricate facts.
  • They should be kept in the loop concerning disaster plans.  They need to be secure in the fact that they will be as prepared as possible if there is an unthinkable event that leaves them exposed.
  • Placing our members in apartments with scant, i.e. weekly, supports is not a wise or safe choice when there is a disaster.  During past hurricanes, mentally challenged people in their own apartments were left while their staff went to North Carolina taking their families to safety.  One agency was severely reprimanded by the State when the agency staff took their independent living consumers to their homes because there was NO other place for them to go in the county.  While some of this has changed, there are still issues that need to resolved.

While we remember and use this as a day of service, let’s remain vigilant to insure that the most vulnerable population is not left exposed.