For years, my mantra with the Special Gathering choir has been, “If the roof falls in, watch me!”  Yesterday, The Special Gathering of Indian River Choir had the privilege of singing at Word of Life Church of God in Sebastian.  It was a joyful time and we felt extremely welcomed.  There would be lunch after the Fifth Sunday Sing. 

After we finished our program, Pastor Eldon Ash asked us to sing one more song.  There was another song on our CD but we hadn’t practiced it and the middle words had been difficult for the choir to learn.  They were easy enough but somehow, our members had corporate amnesia when we reached this portion of the song.  I had turned it into a solo, but the soloist for this song was missing. 

I tried to explain to the pastor that we hadn’t rehearsed but they insisted that we sing it.  Things went as I had predicted.  The choir sang without a hitch and completely flubbed the bridge.  As we ascended to the final chorus, the electricity went out.  Lights out and the orchestration was silenced.  But the choir didn’t miss a beat or a smile.  Without even a hint of hesitation, the choir continued to sing until the end of the song.

I thank God for people who learn slowly but learn well.  I pray that we have also been able to impart to them that even if their life falls apart, they must continue to look to Jesus.  I pray I’ve learned that lesson as well.