God loves the whole world

John 3:16

Central Theme: God‘s love extends to everyone in the world, including you and me. 

Introduction–There are a lot of people that I have loved over my lifetime. But I don‘t love everyone I have ever met. God loves every person he has made and he has met every person who has ever lived.

I. Have a member Read John 3:16.

A. Tell the story of the church, persecution and how the church grew. B. The Church in Antioch needed Barnabus to come and help

B. Barnabus called for Paul–together they shared the good news and the church grew.

II. The church was beginning to see that God loved everyone–not just Jews.

A. Jews were God‘s chosen people–they were special.

1. Jews thought they had a free pass into heaven.

2. They did not have that. They needed salvation like everyone else.

III. Sometimes people think that because we are disabled we don’t need salvation–that we are special

A. We need salvation like everyone else.

B. We don‘t get a get-out-of jail free card.

C. We must ask Jesus into our hearts.

D. We must ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins.

Conclusion–God loves you and wants to be your Savior.