There are nine students in the class.  I had been invited to introduce the students to The Special Gathering.  It was my honor to go to the high school to speak to these wonderful special needs students. 

They were a fascinating composite.  Two of the students already were living in their own apartments.  From her comments, one young woman appeared to have a live-in boyfriend.  Of the nine young people, 5 of the students’ disabilities were within the autism spectrum. 

One young lady whose disability was autism was so offended by my using her name that she tried to scratch her name plate from her desk.  Unfortunately, she was the first person I had approached.  Her back was to me and casually reached out to touch her without knowing her disability.  Of course, she was incensed by my forwardness and I deeply regretted my mistake.  But the harm had been done.  I wasn’t able to dent her resolve to erase me from her life in my short time in the classroom.   

For many years, I tried to volunteer in special needs classes in the high school but there didn’t seem to be any way to shove open that door.  As I left, I asked the substitute if it would be possible for me to come and speak again.  The regular teacher was absent but she assured me that she would speak to the teacher and let her know about the offer.  As many of our members are growing older, we have seen the need to reach out to this younger generation.  Perhaps this is an open door, at last.  Isaiah says, “Every person that waits for the Lord’s help, will be blessed.” And, of course, prayer certainly helps.