Again, we are in the middle of construction.   In the forty-five years that we’ve lived in our home we have never renovated our kitchen.  With my husband’s physical deterioration, in the past five years, we are transforming our home more and more to be handicapped accessible.

We have found that Able House, owned and operated by Brad Shea, is an amazing construction company that is constantly looking for ways to make our home accessible but he also wants it to be beautiful.  Shea is a craftsman–rather than a construction worker.  He is a mechanical engineer who felt that God was calling him to help people with disabilities to live fuller and more accessible lives.

However, the reason that I’m writing this blog is because of his consideration for the keeper of the home.  I’d heard so many horror story from people who had kitchen renovations who weren’t able to use their kitchens for six months to a year.  Monday, when Shea explained his plan to me, he said, “You will have running water, your dishwasher, stove and refrigeration.  I’m keeping a portion of your counter top so that you can work from there. 

Okay, I love to cook; therefore, I was thrilled.  Others may like to eat take-out for weeks or months at a time but that isn’t my desire. 

Then when Shea left the first day, he left a clean house.  All of the cabinets and a large part of the kitchen had been demolished.  Yet, everything had been systematically taken from my home and he had swept the floors.  That counts for a great deal for me.

I understand that money is a large issue, the renovations of our bathroom and kitchen is about $30,000 less than the normal estimates.  Yet, we aren’t installing lesser quality but top of the line cabinets, flooring and granite counter tops. 

If you are looking for a Med-waiver construction expert, Able House in Brevard County at 321 752 3923 or 321 432 7894.