We’ve all been there.  Things seem to work perfectly.  You meet the person you needed to contact in the office supply store.  It only takes you 15 minutes to do a job you thought would take 2 hours.  A phone call comes that answers the questions that you thought would take days sitting on hold to answer.  Then your data base works correctly and your computer doesn’t bomb or contract a virus.  You go to bed with all the TO DO items checked off your list. 

You know that God’s presence was with you today.

But what about the days that you spend two hours on hold and you still don’t get the answers.  You can’t track down the person with whom you had to speak.  Your data base froze and your computer dumped all your files into the Netherlands, never to be retrieved.  You went to bed without doing one thing on your TO DO list and you added five items.

Had God abandoned you that day?

Of course, not.  Yet the bigger questions may be on which day did you reflect God’s glory more?  I had a great friend who was always in a muddle until the crises hit.  Then she became a wonderful reflection of Christ’s perfection.  I remember riding home with her in the car after an emergency had hit.  She calmly ministered to me and the others in the auto.  I thought, she may be a mess at other times but she has some amazing connection with the Father to be this supportive and calm after experiencing today.

Remember Moses.  He handled everyday events superbly.  But he also handled the bad days with an anointing–EXCEPT on a couple of occasions.  Then he lost it and he lost his opportunity to enter the promise land–a mighty loss, indeed.

With our members do we reflect His glory?  You have to love what you are doing, or you wouldn’t be ministering to people with special needs.  However, what about the days that you can’t look at Bill chewing with his mouth full and open one one time?  When Jamie’s constant repeating the obvious grates on your one last calm nerve?   How do your reflect his glory then?

Here are five things I’ve found that help:

  1. Keep your sense of humor.  Don’t forget to laugh at yourself and the other things that you must endure with love and patience.
  2. Keep a friend close with whom you can laugh and joke about the foibles of this ministry.
  3. Enjoy the silly moments.  If there aren’t any silly moments, create a few so you can relieve the tension with a smile.
  4. Allow yourself to become the brunt of most of the joke and laugh at them.
  5.  Did I mention, that laughter is a great medicine that cures a lot of ministry ills?

Sometimes when we are all tired after a retreat or a camp, our volunteers get together.  We make silly hats with our napkins and we laugh at the events of the day or week. 

God doesn’t forget us but he also gives us ample ways to reflect His glory and relieve our tensions with laughter.  It’s a great tool.  Use it.