Today, I sent our payment for a year of coverage for The Special Gathering of Indian River to Guide One Insurance.  Guide One is advertised as “one of America’s largest church insurers – serving nearly 43,000 churches. ” 

Having our own insurance has made obtaining places to meet much easier.  Because we don’t own anything but some equipment, our insurance bill remains minimal.  We are able to insure the square footage that we use in the church where we borrow their facilities.  The type of policy we purchase is “Commercial Monoline.” 

As an aside, most of your members will be covered under the medicaid program in your state.  Therefore, if there is an accident, there should be no problem with calling for an ambulance and this probably would not effect your insurance. 

In Florida, we have found that Guide One coverage has been great.  If you think your ministry might benefit by obtaining insurance from Guide One, visit their web site.  You may click into the link above.