The Glorious Beginnings of the Church

Acts 2:42-47

Central Theme:  The Church working together is a wonderful organism.

Introduction–Read Acts 2:42-46  Have a member read Act 2:47.


       I.     Whenever there are problems in the church, we always want to return to the church as described in these verses.

              A. It was a wonderful time–miracles, sharing everything, people had great respect for God, the church had the same purpose.

              B. God was making the base church strong so they could lead.

              C. But God did not intend for things to stay that way forever.

      II.     Trouble came

              1.  Arguments came

                   A. People were jealous of each other.

                   B. The apostles had to work that out.

              2.  Persecution came.

                   A. People had to flee from Jerusalem.

                   B. But they shared the Gospel wherever they went.

     III.     Special Gathering is somewhat like that.

              A. When I came to be a part of the ministry 12 years ago, all the groups did everything together.

              B. There are great love.

              C. Now growth has forced us to divide.

     IV.     Our friendship are growing and we should expect trouble. 

              A. Love will help us overcome trouble.

Conclusion–God does not want growth to cause hard feelings or competition.  We must continue to love each other.