Do You Love Me?

John 21:17

Central Theme: Love covers a multitude of sins.

Introduction–Show pictures of children, grandchildren or other family members you love.

I. My grandchildren cannot do anything wrong because I love them so much.

A. I had a hard time believing that my children were wrong most of the time because I loved them a lot.

B. I have found that love will cover a lot of sins. Peter found that out also

C. Have a member read John 21:71

D Tell the story of Peter’s confession.

II. Jesus loved Peter but He wanted to give him the opportunity to make things right because Peter had denied Jesus three times.

A. When I first came to Special Gathering, Richard Stimson would always give members the benefit of the doubt. I could not understand until I came to love you too.

B. Love makes us want to have things right.

III. Jesus knew Peter had sinned and he gave Peter the opportunity to make things right.

A. Jesus will do the same things for you.

1. Peter was able to confess him three times.

2. He had denied him three times.


Conclusion–You sin. Even though Jesus’ love for you does not change, he will always make a way for you to right your wrongs. Take that opportunity, just as Peter did.