One June 5, forty people from Special Gathering of Indian River will be attending a stage production of Beauty and The BeastI’ve watched with interest the information on the church sign for months and wondered if this was something that we could do with our members.  When I realized that the production includes several people and one of the pastors from First United Methodist Church who are professionals actors and musicians, I wanted to take as many of our members as possible.  After several phone calls and e-mails, we were able to gather transportation and tickets for as many people as expressed an interest in going. 

The production will be at St Mark’s United Methodist Church in Indialantic.  There are three shows.  The tickets are $10. (What a great bargain!)  We will be meeting at CC’s Pizza ($5 a person) at 4:30pm on Wickham Road and EauGallie Boulevard. 

Normally, I don’t use this space to promote Special Gathering ministry but to teach about special needs ministry.  So why am I talking about this?  First, I want to promote the efforts and ministry of others.  Second, I wanted to explain the benefits and the HowTo of this type of personal but informal get-together.

Regarding the benefits there are many.  Several years ago, SpG of Indian River did our first stage production experience by attending at production of High School Musicalthat was put on by Trinity Episcopal School.  It was a great experience for our members.  Most of them had the DVD of the movie and they were thrilled with a live production.  In addition, the pre-teens who were part of the production were amazingly talented.  The cost was cheap.  It was a good way to support one of our supporting churches and to get their attention.  All this benefited our program and our members. 

Second,  the HowTo is pretty easy.  I work closely with the group homes in our area.  When we do this type of thing, we try to include them.  This gives their staff a couple of hours off because my volunteers all attend. 

  1. I made up a list of the people I thought would like to attend. 
  2. I got on the phone called members, parents and staff. 
  3. By the end of the day, there were 40 or more people who wanted to attend.  The plan is simple. 
  4. The members will be dropped off at the pizza joint. 
  5. They will pay for their own supper. 
  6. We will transport people to the show. 
  7. After the show, people who need a ride home will be taken to a central pick-up spot.  We will call the parents/staff/relatives. 
  8. Some people will have friends at the show whom I know will take them home.
  9. The other people will be taken home by their parents/staff/relatives.

Have you found that these are the kind of things that make your ministry fun?  Are you able to do “unplanned events” occasionally?  When does it become too hard to bother with?  Wouldn’t you like to join us?  It will be great fun!

Here is all the information you need to attend

The weekend of the show is June 5 and June 6, with Friday night (7:00 pm), Saturday matinee (2:00 pm) and Saturday night (7:00 pm) shows.

Tickets are on sale now for $10.

You can reserve them online at:

 Or you can call the office at: