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Please Vote No on HB 371- Planned Residential Communities for individuals with Developmental Disabilities unless the following amendments are adopted:

Amendment 1:  600677 by Rep. Sachs

Create new subsection (3) of section 419.001 to read:
Planned residential communities must by their characteristics be community based and satisfy federal guidelines and state rules regarding the characteristics that distinguish community based settings from institutional settings.

Amendment 2:    530169 by Rep. Sachs

Create new subsection (3) to 393.501 Rulemaking

(3)  Such rules shall also address planned residential communities and define, consistent with federal guidelines, the characteristics a planned residential community must have to be considered community-based as distinguished from institutional.     

Contact your legislator and as many others as you can in the Florida House of Representatives (you can find them by going to our website(www.fddc.org ) and ask them to vote YES on Representative Sachs amendments for HB 371(600677 and 530169) and NO on HB 371 if the amendments fail.

Hurry because HB 371 could be heard as early as this afternoon on the House Floor!
·HB 371 would allow the Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Based Waiver dollars to be used for congregate residential communities that serve, with minimal exceptions, exclusively individuals with developmental disabilities and, as such, segregates individuals with developmental disabilities from the full community and individuals without developmental disabilities. 
·According to HB 371, the planned residential communities that could receive Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Based Waiver funding as a result of this legislation, could be developed with the many of the same attributes as an institutional campus such as Sunland Marianna:  gated, serving exclusively individuals with developmental disabilities, staff living on site with reduced rent as part of compensation, employment provided on site, day programs provided on site, congregate eating on site, and work days required of residents.
·HB 371 would mark a sweeping and far-reaching change to public policies toward people with developmental disabilities in Florida. Many individuals, families and advocates believe that enacting this proposal, particularly using funding that was intended for an alternative to institutional funding would be a move backward toward segregation, rather than progress forward toward integration.