Of course, I remember when time dragged by, unless it was summertime or the weekend.  But that was several decades ago.  It’s April and I only begun to feel really comfortable writing 2009.   My mother told me that as she got older and dementia slowed her activities,  time began to slow down again.  That made me a bit sad.

 I visited with a couple who are approaching their eighties this weekend in Canada. They are the founders of the ministry, Joy Fellowship.  They are still active with nonstop phone calls, visits to make, letters and e-mails to write.  They were commenting that the first months of 2009 have flown away.  It was refreshing to hear.

While I dislike the fact that there seem to be more tasks than time, I would hate for the opposite to be true.  I have a close and dear friend who is only a few years older than I.  He has nothing to do but eat, sleep and go to church on Sundays.  While he never complains, he also does not seem to have much interest in his surroundings, except watching the next TV show. 

Chris and Lisa are twins who attend Special Gathering.  They are joyful, peaceful spirits.  Chris is blind but sharp as a chef’s butcher knife.  Lisa is much lower functioning. Yet she radiates love for her sister and life.  I don’t think time passes too quickly for them.  But I know it doesn’t drag either.  Together they share a peaceful bond of love for each other and the Lord.  They sing and laugh during our worship times.  Their caregiver tells me that they are so joyful that taking care of them is a delight, even though it is arduous work. 

Whether time is your friend or your foe, whether it zooms by at lightning speed or creeps around you like a snail, it is the reality with which we all live.  As my hosts showed me this weekend, making the most of the time we’ve been given is the key to conquering the time complex.  And the twins remind me often that the fruit of the Spirit–joy and peace–make our time tasks delightful.

Is time your friend or your foe?  Does it speed along too quickly or creep too slowly for your tastes?  Do you think that activity is the key to redeeming the hours?  Or do love, peace and joy hold the answer?  Perhaps, it’s both?