Who Are Our Customers?

Who are my customers?  My members, their parents, the professional community and the local church.  While not all mud that I throw against a wall sticks, some of it will.  Therefore, it’s important that when interacting with customers I must be sure that I keep throwing mud against the wall.  That is, that I continue to try new things and keep my mind open to learning and growing. 

In dealing with parents, I’ve found that over a twenty year period, the Holy Spirit has used us to slowly touch the hearts of almost every parent in our community.  Believe me, that wasn’t always the case.  In fact, I can honestly say that for years the opposite was true.  One specialized ministry in the area deliberately targeted Special Gathering telling their developmentally disabled church members that they were NOT allowed to attend.  That rejection stung because we had referred others to their ministry and we’ve continued to do so.

Yes, faithfulness seems to be the key in reaching our parents.  Dealing with professionals, there needs to be a different strategy in our pitching techniques.  They are much more impressed with credentials and having an understanding of “the unique language” of this population.  Many of the effective professionals have worked hard to gain their credential strips.  They will look with suspicion, if you earned your pitching skills on a backyard make-shift field, rather than a professional training camp.  Please understand I am not saying that this is a good attitude or that there isn’t great need for the practice time spent in the back yard pitching for hours to be able to effectively throw mud in this ministry.  However, if you are meeting with opposition or you aren’t taken seriously, it could be your credentials. 

Is this an obstacle that can’t be overcome?  Of course, not.  Competence will eventually win over the professional community every time. 

In regard to churches, you will need faithfulness, competence and a passion for what God has called you to do.  Like a tightly wound rope, churches will see and understand when God is using you to win your population for Christ.  They must respect you before they will buy into your ministry.

Our members are, perhaps, the easiest customers to satisfy.  They are won with love.  If you love them, they will come.  If you love the Lord, they will stay.  If you are able to introduce them to the Lord as their personal Savior, they will be changed.  And that is the basic reason why we are throwing all this mud anyway.

Are you able to work with one customer base better than another?  Are you able to keep your mission paramount?