Moving to Follow God

Genesis 12:1

Central Theme:  We are to follow God.


Introduction–Have you ever had to move from one home into another one?  I’ve moved five times in my life.  All but one was in the first four years after I was married. Moving for some people is common but not for me and not for a man named Abram…until God spoke to him


       I.     Have a member read Genesis 12:1.

              A. Tell the story of Abram’s becoming a nomad. 

              1. A Nomad moves from place to place, living in tents.

              2.  Abram was 75.  His wife was 65. 

              3.  God told them to move from Ur to Haren a few years back and now he was telling them to move again.

              4.  Abram took his family and all his things and obeyed.

           II.     Moving can be a big problem.

          A. It can be harder to move than staying where you are.

          B. Sometimes we have to move.

              1.  From our home, where Mama waits on us to a group home where you have to learn to take care of yourself.

              2.  Move into an apartment–Some say it is the ultimate but if you are honest there is loneliness and big problems.

              3.  We might have to move to a relative’s house.

              4.  We might have to have someone move in with us.

     III.     In the Church and usually in our lives moving is good.

              A. Growing in God always means that we have to move from doing one thing to doing something else.

              B. Abram knew God would take care of him.

              C. Paul, Barnabus and Silas, Priscilla and Aquilla understood that God would them if they were willing to go to other cities.  God used them in mighty ways because they were willing to move when God asked them.

Conclusion–God is a God who moves and he wants us to go with him.