Because Saturday is one day in the week that there are not many hits on this page, I sometimes take advantage of it to vent or to become deeply personal.  Tomorrow is my son’s birthday.  Please indulge me.

The day that our son was born seemed to start in an uneventful way.  Of course, I was very pregnant but the due date was three weeks away.  At four in the afternoon, my water broke.  I called the doctor.  He said to get to hospital as quickly as possible. 

Though my husband was at work, he rushed home.  Within an hour, we were at the hospital.  Back in those days, husbands weren’t allowed in the delivery room.  My husband stood at the door looking in the window, much to the irritation of the doctor. On the other hand, I was comforted that he wanted to be a part of this wonderful event.

Our son came the a few minutes after midnight next morning.  That was 46 years ago tomorrow.  He was a wonderfully compliant child who laughed and sang almost all the time.  I remember how proud I was of him.  I was a young mother who didn’t always handle the pressures of motherhood well.  Yet, he has always been forgiving and merciful about my missteps.

In fact, it was my son who radically changed my relationship with the Lord.  One day when he was about six months old, I stood holding him at the sliding glass door.   It was raining outside.  I wanted to say to him, “God made the rain.”  But there was an awkward embarrassment that kept my lips sealed.

All alone in the house, I stood looking at the rain holding him tightly, quietly weeping.  I was shocked and dismayed by my inability to say the simplest thing to my son about my Savior and heavenly Father.   I thought I loved the Lord more than anything else in the world.  What made that simple sentence impossible for me to express. 

Even more, my mind raced asking myself, how could I claim to love my son with all my heart and not be willing to tell him about his loving Father God. 

That incident set me on a personal journey that has been exciting beyond my ability to imagine.  God has taught me and led me through wonderful paths of adventure and love.  Our son is now a retired major in the US Air Force.  He is an amazingly gifted artist. We share in the adventures of our lives’  journeys in telephone conversations and during our visits together.  He lives half way around the world but that doesn’t keep him from calling often to share with me.

It was a blessed and happy day when my first born came into the world.  He has taught me so much about myself and life.  I am deeply grateful to him for his love, forgiveness and understanding.  Happy Bithday, Mark.  I love you and God loves you.