Special Gathering Retreat Agape–May 22 to 25

Location Vero Beach, Florida

Retreat Agape: A retreat for independent mentally challenged persons which has three different types of accommodations.  Persons attending this retreat must be legally competent and able to self medicate, if on medications. This is a non-smoking facility. 

1)   Married Couples $340 per couple. They stay independently in the motel which is on the ranch property.     All couples must be married to stay in the motel.

2)   Independent $170 per person. Retreat attendees stay in a cabin with 11 to 14 other persons attending the retreat. These persons must be legally competent.  There will be no supervision of these people.  They will be able to come and go as they please. They will be treated as any non mentally challenged adult at our retreat. They must be able to function independently.

3)         Low supervision $180 per person. Retreat attendees stay in a cabin with 11-13  persons attending retreat. They must be legally competent.  These persons receive no supervision regarding activities they choose, food they eat, or what they do.  As a safety factor, we make a roll call check on them at each meal and at night.


Special Gathering Camp Agape–May 22 to 25

1)         Moderate Supervision Cost is $200. These campers will stay in a cabin with 9-13 other campers.  This level of camping is for campers that will need no supervision on what activities* they choose, what food they eat, and what they do.  We will make a visual check on them every hour, and administer their medications.

2)         High Supervision Cost is $210. These campers do not need constant supervision. Campers will be allowed to move freely around camp, but we will make a visual check on them every 30 minutes (at the times they are out of the cabin) to make sure they are safe.  We will supervise their cabins when they are in them, limit the kind of activities* according to your request, monitor the food they eat, per your request, and administer their medications.

 *Activities:  Go‑carts, swimming, canoes, paddle boats, game room, ping pong, pool table, outdoor games, super slide, and putt-putt golf, basketball.

This is a non-smoking facility.

For information, contact Linda Howard at 772 770 1011

or e-mail at lhoward@specialgatherings.com