This an e-mail I received from Jim Hukill and LIFT ministries.  I’m never put a solitictation letter on our weblog before.  However, I believe in Jim and his ministry.  Even if we don’t give financially, we can pray.

In today’s environment everyone is feeling desperation, financial stresses and a restrictive attitude toward many things. At Lift Disability Network we understand the pressure everyone is facing. That is why we don’t take for granted an opportunity to share with you a very important need. Before you continue, thank you for allowing me to share my heart.


Inspiring Our Family

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This year we are going to launch a new vision initiative.  Over the next two months our Board of Directors will be working to strategically designed our goals and objectives that will carry us in our mission through the next couple of years.  At this time it looks like our direction will be under the theme of “Inspiration”.  It would be appreciated if you would be in prayer for us during this time of development.
As a part of our year of Inspiration, we have a real need to assist an individual that has been very important to our ministry over the last 18 months.
Since 1998 Lift Disability Network has been an organization which consisted primarily of my wife, Rhonette, and me.  While there have been certain individuals who have helped us in varying capacities over the years, this individual has truly stood with us and carried the vision of Lift forward.  That is why I strongly believe that it is time to Inspire our family member, and we need your help to do it.
Brad Staton has been serving at Lift since the Fall of 2007 on a full time basis with no demands or exceptions.  I cannot over emphasize Brad’s importance in the future of Lift, specifically how he enables me to do the things that I excel at while minimizing my weaknesses with his strengths; we make a great team!  Here is an overview of his ongoing contribution to Lift:
Brad Staton’s influence on LDN
  • Provides a means for me to be mobile and effective.  Without this I have a limited physical presence in the community, i.e. going to meetings, meeting with potential donors, leading the Lift Network meeting, overseeing Operation Giveback, etc.
  • Provides oversight for the operational aspects of the ministry
  • Is the primary contact person in the ministry; sets and organizes all meetings and facilitates follow up plan and implementation
  • Provides set-up and take down for all meetings
  • Brings a 10 year background in ordained ministry and 1 year in the financial industry to the job.
  • Enhances the public perception of professionalism within the organization. 
While bringing Brad on is only a part of the vision that Lift hopes to see come to fruition over the next year I wanted to highlight him so that you can share in a sense of urgency with me. Specifically, to help our ministry help Brad, and therein help advance our vision. We need to raise immediately $5,000 to cover some expenses for this family member. During this time Brad will be helping me and our board shape our future, of which he is an essential part.
As I stated, this is a short term goal to make steps toward a longer term objective. You will receive a more defined vision from us soon, but I know in order for our success to be realized we must strengthen our ministry family.  By Inspiring Our Family, Lift will have the opportunity to continue in its mission of Elevating Life in the Disability Family.


There are two easy ways to you can help. First, pray for Lift and pray for Brad. Pray for his family, strength and provision. Secondly, give. This moment is a time when every gift, no matter what size, makes a difference. We just need your help.
Thank you again for letting me share my heart with you.


Jim Hukill
Lift Disability Network



There are two ways to help:
Pray for Lift & Pray for Brad Staton. Drop an encouraging e-mail to Brad Staton.
Give! To donote through our website go to Lift Disability Network and click on Donate. Or drop a check in the mail to:
Lift Disability Network
4700 Millenia Blvd Suite 175
Orlando, FL 32839