We Should Serve Each Other in Love

Galatians 5:13

Central Theme:   We should serve each other with God‘s love.


Introduction–The first time I was employed by a church, I was in high school.  And during that time there was a big church fight.  Somehow I got into the middle of it.  

                1.    I was young and I did not know what was happening.

                2.    But it was good for me because I realized at a young age that there are people in the church and people do bad things

                3.    I also learned that we must continue to serve each other, even if we are not happy with the way they act

                5.      Have a member read Galatians 5:13.


       I.     Tell the story of Paul and the church in Corinth.

              1.  They were fighting

              2.  Paul wrote two letters to help them act more like Christians.

              3.  The letters that Paul wrote are I and II Corinthians.

      II.     God wants us to live in peace with each other but bad things happen because we are people.


              A. The worst things happen in the church because of gossip.

              B. Gossip may be true things that should not be told.

              C. Gossip is also telling a lie.

              D. We do not have to tell everything that we know about someone.

              E.  I have a very good friend who told some bad things about me that were not true.

                   1.  I knew some really bad things about her; they were true.

                   2.  Many, many times I have had the opportunity to tell those bad things about her. 

                   3.  God has given me the grace to not tell them.               

                   4.  I am happy that I have not told them; even though they are true, it would be gossip.

Conclusion–We have a gossip problem in Special Gathering.  We need to love each other and decide not to talk about each other, even if it is true.