Here is a comment I received from an OT.  I thought she deserved her own post.  Thanks Jo Wryals for your update from Miami.  This is a scary time. 

I am an occupational therapist who provides services to clients in their home or community setting. I have already lost 20% of my clients and stand to lose another 70% if appeals are denied. My clients are those who are in the most need for services.

My reality is I, also, have a mortgage to pay.

I understand the need to balance the budget but I believe the pain of cuts should be across the board. Once again, the poor, disabled and elderly are the hardest hit. A day program in North Miami notified staff today they were closing their program within 4 weeks. Another program in Miami will cut their work program in half plus lay off 4-7 staff persons. The bad news continues on a daily basis.

Jo Wryals, OTR