The Least Among us Should be the Greatest

Luke 9:48

Central Theme: The least among us should be given the greatest honor.


Introduction–Tell the story of Onesimus from the Book of Philemon in the Bible.  He was a slave but Paul loved him and wanted to help save his live. 


       I.     Have a member read Luke 9:48. 

              A. Because of our disability, we are group of people that some people find no value in.

              B. Of course, if they ever get to know us, they love us like crazy.

              C. But we must deal daily with being people who are not valued. 

                   1.  Because of that we should value each other.

                   2.  But we often do not show each other great value.

                   3.  Being a wheel chair person is a valuable job in Melb Special Gathering but is that because you get to go first when you help to wheel someone in a chair?

                        A. It should be because Kevin and Michael, Beth and                               Chrissy are our most important people.


      II.     But what about people that we don‘t like.

              1.  Some people get on our nerves; they act like jerks.

              2.  Just because you are disabled does not give you the right to be rude or disrespectful to other people.

              3.  But we should still show rude people love and respect also.


     III.     Paul wanted Onesimus to be helped by his owner.

              A. Paul wanted to help him, even though he was a runaway slave.

              B. God wants us to show respect to others also.


Conclusion–As a group of people we should show respect to each other.