Following Jesus with Simple Minds, Simple Hearts

John 20:18 and 19

Central Theme:  Following Jesus means that we must have simple minds and hearts.


Introduction—Before my mother died, I spent time a week with her.  She had fallen and could not walk by herself.  She had a belt around her chest area that we used to stabilize her and help her walk.  We even had to direct her telling her where she is going.  She is not able to follow us anymore but she can still follow Jesus.


       I.     Peter had denied Jesus three times but Jesus had allowed him to confess his love three times. 

              A. Jesus was about to give Peter his directions on how he was to live his life.

              B. Read John 21:18 and 19

              C. Tell the whole story.

              D.      Jesus’ final instruction to Peter was simple and clear, “Follow Me.”

              E.  Follow me is not complicated or hard to understand.

                   1.  Mother has been and is now a dynamic witness and she cannot talk.

              F.  You need to have a simple mind and a simple heart.

              G. God wants us to understand that we too can follow him.

                   1.  As a child and even during that week with her, Mother guided me without a word. God tell us, “I will guide you with my eye.”

                   2.  In dealing with Jeroboam, Rehoboam had failed to use wisdom and had not followed God but that is not the end of the story.

                   3.  II Chronicles 11:1 and 2, 4, 16 and 17.

                   a.  Rehoboam made Judah a strong nation when he followed God. vs. 23

                   b.  He then turned from God. (2:1)

                   c.  God sent another nation to destroy him and he was sorry (2:6, 12).

                   d.  However, his epitatah was extremely sad (2:14).


           II.     At times, we use our circumstances as an excuse for not doing the right thing.


              A. God is not interested in your problems, if you are going to use them as an excuse for not following him.

                   1.  God can heal your hurts, no matter how bad the pain is.

                   2.  God can make all things work for your good, no matter how bad they are.

                   3.  God let you know that you are important, no matter how unimportant you feel.

                   4.  God does not care how much you have failed him, he can restore you.

     III.      Peter had failed and denied Jesus but Jesus let him come back to him because his heart was simple.


Conclusion–I told the Special Gathering that having a disability does not give you an excuse to not follow Jesus; but it may help you to be a better follower.  Your detriments in God’s hands become you assets.