Because I know that no one is reading this, I going to vent a bit.  Be forewarned, this is today’s list.  I’ll take off about half of them by tonight.  Nevertheless, here we go.  I’m tired of these things.

  1. Trying to find a way to end a sentence without using a preposition.  It really seems like a silly rule and wastes a great deal of time.
  2. Arguing with anyone, especially my husband.  After almost 50 years together, we should be working on ways to please each other rather than looking for ways to antagonized the britches off of one another.
  3. Drama.  Life is complex and full of peril.  It appears that some folks try to deliberately interject drama into their lives.  Me?  I’m a bit tired of the unnecessary spectacles.
  4. Having people tell me how special I am because God has called me to work with the most wonderful and grateful people in the whole world.  (I’m program director of a ministry to people who are developmentally disabled called The Special Gathering.  We are called to evangelize and disciple the mentally challenged community.)
  5. Being the bad guy.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  This a role I’ve played for years and usually I don’t mind, and even have enjoyed in times past.  I know someone must the bad guy and I have very thick skin.  Therefore, I do this part well.  But for today, I’m tired.
  6. The person who expects me to do her work for her.  Don’t ask me to do something that you can do for yourself but you’re too lazy to do for yourself.
  7. The person who expects me to call him when he can just as easily call me.
  8. The person who expects me to come to her office or house in order to fix her mistakes when she can easily come to my office or house.  The roads not only run from my office and house.  The roads run to my house.
  9. Having to go to a restaurant to eat. 
  10. Having to go the grocery store to buy something to prepare in order to eat.  I want to have everything I need at my house so I can quickly cook easy, yummy meals when I get home from work.
  11. Having to explain to people why they should jump at the chance and be eternally grateful that a wonderful, all-forgiving God wants to be their Lord and Savior. 
  12. Not having enough money to give generously to hard-working mothers who are supporting three children, one with a disability, and who don’t make enough to make ends meet. 

That’s enough.  You can now add to this list or just go back to your left-over turkey and playing with your friends and family.  Or you can go take a nap which is what I plan on doing.