I’m checking my cell phone about now to be sure that this entry actually made it onto the Internet.  I wrote it several days ago, anticipating that I would be on a road traveling to visit our children and grandchildren.  Okay, I still don’t trust technology.  However, I do believe that this is the brave new world which could be used to reach millions for Christ world-wide–and the wonderful bonus is that, at this point in time, there is virtually no cost.

In reality, you may not be looking for The Special Gathering Weblog, which is a ministry within the mentally challenged community.  You may have no connection with people with developmental disabilities, the population which God has called us to evangelize and disciple.  Yet, through some convoluted maze of internective connections and events, you are here.  We hope that you will stay for a while, reading the entries and perhaps learning a bit about our wonderful community.

A ministry within the mentally challenged community is much like junior high youth group without the attitude.  Our members (we do church, rather than social work) are men and women who are a marvelous mix.  We learn on a third to fourth grade level; socially we are sort of stuck in junior high; but as men and women, we have all the needs and concerns of any other adult. 

Our prayer is that from reading this blog, you may see the great value in the population that we serve.  And as a result maybe you will seek out someone who is mentally retarded who is in your church community and delve into their lives to discover the pearls of wisdom and nuggets of love they have to share with you and your church.