God’s Plan is to Save You from Evil

Genesis 14:13


Central Theme:  God’s plan is to save you from evil.

Introduction—Show something that represents evil to you.  It could be a picture of a movie poster or a toy gun.  Anything that you feel represents evil.  After showing the object or picture, explain that part of God’s plan for you is to save you from things that are evil.  (I showed a very ugly chick mask that my son had sent to my husband for Father’s Day.)  Have a member read Exodus 14:13.


       I.     There are several problems with evil.


              A. It may be that evil doesn’t always look ugly. 

                   1.  Some things that are really evil look like fun.

              2.  You see T-shirts all the time with ugly evil faces and people are wearing them.  They obviously don’t think that they are evil looking.  So evil may not look like evil.

          B. Or if you know it is evil, evil makes us afraid.

              1.  When you are afraid, you don’t want to take action.

              2.  You are paralyzed and cannot move, think or do the right thing.

      II.     Tell about how the children of Israel were leaving Egypt and Pharaoh’s army came after them.  They were facing the Red Sea on one side and the Army of Pharaoh on the other side.  When Moses and Israel were faced with the evil of Egypt‘s army,

          A. They knew they were faced with evil.

              B. They were paralyzed and did not know how to take action.

                   1.  They begged Moses, “What are we going to do?”

                   2.  Moses said, “Do not be afraid.  God will save you.”


     III.     God’s plan for you is the same as with Israel.

              A. You do not have to be afraid.

              B. You can trust God to save you—every time.


Conclusion–God’s plan is to always save you from evil.  Do not be afraid.  Look to Jesus for he will drown your enemy if you will trust him.