Since July at Special Gathering of Indian River, which is a ministry within the mentally challenged community, we have been preparing for our Christmas play which will be held two times this year.  Our purpose is to evangelize and disciple people who are developmentally disabled.  However, we hope that our Christmas play is a love gift to the community in appreciation for all that people do for us over the year.

In Vero 

Above all Else

 will be on Saturday, December 6 at 7pm

at Tabernacle Ministries

at 51 Old Dixie Highway


In Melbourne

it will be held Sunday, December 7at 7pm

First United Methodist Church

110 East New Haven Avenue

We would like to invite you to come and enjoy this night of music and fun.

Every year like all churches, at Special Gathering we start preparing for our Christmas event early but end up wondering if we’ll ever get it right by the night of the event. This year is no exception. One song is the choir’s favorite because of its tricky melody and fast words. Of course, it is the tricky melody and fast words that they can’t seem to get right. Mary and Joseph in both our plays have been a challenge this year. Health and temperament have caused our directors to wonder why they even have to do this. Of course, things will come together and Mary will tenderly hold her babe just right and Joseph will be a proud papa standing quietly to the side.

Yesterday, a Christian parent asked me, “If the group homes takes all the money of your members how do your members who live in a group home tithe?” My answer was, “They can’t.” In reality, none of our members have access to their money. They are dependent on others to insure that they give to their churches and to Special Gathering. Therefore, we never forget during our preparations and prayer for our Christmas event, that it is the faithful giving and prayers of the community makes this and all our events possible. Thank you so much.