I missed The Special Gathering post for Monday. The day started quiet enough but ended after hours in meetings, church and driving my van.  After such a hard day, I ate supper and started my daily exercises.  I was abruptly interrupted by someone knocking on my front window, only a couple of feet from where I lay on the floor doing my strength training.

I thought perhaps a neighbor was knocking but I could not see the person who had knocked.  I called the police.  I wanted the law authorities to come to the house and let anyone who might want to scare me know that I would not fool around.  I would seek protection right away. 

As tired as I was, sleep didn’t come easily.  I wasn’t afraid because when we hardened our house against hurricanes, it has become a virtual fortress that would be almost impossible to break into.  However, I’m sixty-five.  Anyone looking at me outside our home in the darkness must be a pervert. 

As I sat in my darkened bedroom, last night waiting to get sleepy, I was reminded of a statistic regarding the mentally challenged community.  The estimates of how many of our members are sexually molested during their lifetime is so high that I hesitate to even give it.  Sinking into my pillow, I prayed for all our members who are living alone and lonely.  I prayed God’s protection for them.  Perhaps one of them was sitting up praying for me.  I hope so.

Of course God is their (and my) best protection but do you know of something that can be done to protect our members from the threats they face each day from people who desire to harm them?