God Is All Powerful

Psalm 147:5

Central Theme:  God has all power.


         1.      God is love.  He loves me no matter what happens

         2.      God is everywhere.  I can never escape from his love

         3.      God is all powerful. 

         4.      Have a member read Psalm 147:5


          I.      God is far more powerful than anything we can imagine.


                  A.  Get out a hurricane map. 

                        1.   Talk about tracking how you can track whatever a current storm is.

                  2.   A hurricane is powerful but it is only a small dot on a globe full of storms and weather and energy.

                  3.   Think about the power of the God we serve.

         II.      But the power of God is no good to me, if I do know I can use it.

            A.  Show one of your electronic gadgets (palm, Treo, Blackberry or a cell phone).

                  B.   I carried around for about a week and did not know how to use it.

                        1.   It was powerful but it didn’t go me any good.

                        2.   I had to learn to use it.


       III.      God is powerful but we must learn to ask Him for help.  The greatest thing standing in our way of getting God’s help is expecting to receive help from him. 

                  A.  First we must desire his help.

                  B.   Then we should pray about everything in our lives, asking God to help us and give us wisdom.

                  C.  Tell about a time that you asked for God to help you and he answered that prayer.


Conclusion–God is love; and he will not stop loving me. God is everywhere and he is always with me.  God is powerful and he will help me.