This is an e-mail I received regarding the status of the many petitions APD has received so far:
Our latest numbers from the Agency Clerk as of this morning:  4,625 petitions have been filed within the 10-day window; 676 additional petitions are within 30 days, but outside the 10-day window; 3 petitions have been filed beyond the 30-day period; it is conservatively estimated that we have received about 3,000 duplicate hearing requests.  We are still receiving about 20 pleadings a day.

We do not have an estimate of costs related to tier implementation and litigation.  To date, we have used all available APD resources.  Our greatest expense attributable to the tier hearing process will likely be expenses related to administrative hearings and any DCA or other appeals.

I am not prepared to answer your last question.  I will forward it on to the General Counsel.

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