After four week of absences, I was able to contact the Twins.  These are two adorable young women who have been attend Special Gathering for more than a year.  They were moved by their Support Coordinator into a different group home.  She called me and told me about the move but I wasn’t given the phone number of the new home. 

After a bit of investigation, I was able to find the cell number of the weekend care giver.  She brought the Twins to our chapel program on the Sunday I didn’t attend because I was in Hawaii.  Special Gathering is a ministry within the mentally challenged community.  Our mission is to evangelize and disciple people who are developmentally delayed.  Having the Twins back meant a celebration for our Melbourne program.

While in Hawaii, I called the caregiver to inquire regarding the possibility of them attending regularly again.  “No,” she said.  “Unless you can provide transportation.  It’s too hard for me to transport them very often.”  Then she explained that she would have to get all three of them in the van and it was too hard for her to do that every week.

When I got off the phone, my seventeen year old grandson, Sebastian, was in the kitchen.  He had overheard my side of the conversation and sense my frustration.  “What was that about?”  he mistakenly asked.

I flew into aggravated verbiage explaining the situation.  “Sorry, you have to listen to my whining,” I said to him, after I had exhausted my irritation by venting.

“Oh, I don’t think you were whining,” he graciously said, “I think you are merely disappointed in the level of commitment shown by this caregiver.” 

I smiled at this youthful wisdom and thanked him for being understanding.  However, it made me think about my own level of commitment.  How often is my Boss disappointed in my level of commitment?  After all, He gave his very life to redeem this population. 

Of course, we all fail or we whine about the failures of others.  However, Jesus is the Model we follow.  He was fully committed to the task His Father had placed before Him.  The Scripture tells us that the resolutely set his face toward Jerusalem, knowing that the crucifixion lay at the end of that dusty road. 

How many times have we whined about the commitment of others, only to be caught short by our own lack commitment of duty?